TribalDDB Dallas “I'm Thinking Arby's”

Arby's Restaurant Group, Inc. re-launched its consumer website featuring vivid colors & images, enhanced nutritional information, ease of use and upgraded functionality.

Tribal DDB Dallas created the new and improved site which mirrored its branding "I'm Thinking Arby's™" campaign. Christopher Bigbie lead the production team charged with acquiring looping video images of specific characters doing various activites. Special techniques in shooting the sequences had to compensate for changing camera distance, perspective and carefully blocked choreographed actor movements to achieve the repeatable actions and seamless video loops.

Arby's cyclist loop Arby's sackracer loop Arby's skater loop Arby's jogger loop
Arby's stroller loop Arby's backpack loop Arby's soccer loop Arby's volleyball loop

Tribal's designers created an interactive header with the characters strolling across the screen with the iconic Arby's cowboy hat over their heads; clicking them rendered a "craving" thought bubble that floated across the page featuring an item from the Arby's menu. Visitors could also let the world know what they were thinking by filling out their names, locations and which Arby's menu item they're craving.

"We wanted our site to reflect what the brand is all about - something different and better. Our 'I'm Thinking Arby's' campaign has become so popular it was easy to use the theme to create a fun, interactive experience for visitors," said Debra Mager, Senior Vice President of National Advertising, Arby's Restaurant Group, Inc. " also allows our customers to find out about our latest products, locate an Arby's near them, and quickly access nutritional information to build meals to fit their lifestyles." Revamped site highlights include a new menu page, highlights of current promotions and new product introductions.