ACN “Stop and Think”

After over 20 successful years as an international VideoPhone service leader in 23 countries; ACN expanded it's home and business product offerings to include [Digital Phone Service, Local & Long Distance, Energy, Wireless, High Speed Internet, Home Security /Automation, Computer Support and Television]. In turn, a new brand image was required to increase consumer awareness of the new vast offerings ACN Home Essential Services provides for Home and Business everyday to live a fun, cool, productive and connected digital lifestyle

The Big Idea: If one were to simply take a moment out of a typical family's busy life and to stop and look would realize that ACN Home Essential Services are offerings people use everyday. A visual treatise guides us through a modern family home that is equipped with all the essential services provided by ACN. The scenes are "frozen" in time as if the pause button of life were pressed.

The campaign impresses upon the audience that time is valuable, and a fun productive ACN connected lifestyle can allow anyone to manage their own time more efficiently...thus providing more quality time freedom to be spent any way they like.

The results: 46,600+ Total Organic Views and 393 YouTube Likes.

Telly Awards

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