Springfield Armory - Defend Your Legacy “Grip Your Nerves”

The production team spent three weeks in the picturesque hills of Gillette, Wyoming acquiring lifestyle & product cinematography / photography used in both physical and digital environments. The crew filmed nine bold everyday Americans; men and women who choose to seize control of their safety and their legacies.

Outreach strategy included three introductory brand image videos distributed across all media (microsite, email, social, etc.) hitting on three key positions of Defend Your Legacy; Train Your Fear, Grip Your Nerves and Stare Down Evil.

Other deliverables included a looping “mindset” header video, and influencer cross promotion. Social takeovers included customized promotional assets for influencer and grassroots advocates to share with their follower and promotional videos implemented across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

This piece was a part of Springfield Armory's "Defend Your Legacy" Campaign which was honored at the 2017 OKC Addy Awards for Film, Video & Sound with a Silver Award.

American Advertising Awards


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