MonaVie “MVe / Energy”

Earning credibility in mainstream media from the likes of Fortune Magazine, The Rachael Ray Show and MTV Cribs; MonaVie positioned itself as a global beverage company competing at the same level as other international beverage corporations.

Having worked two years with the client in-house marketing team building the motion imagery design of the brand MonaVie announced a new addition to their acai berry product of nutritional beverages. A new energy drink; MVe or MonaVie Energy was to be launched with new product imagery and graphic treatments expanding the existing branding effort to support the new product extension line.

The previous campaign featured beautifully photographed imagery of the harvesting of the berry by hand in the lush exotic rain forest establishing it as a true treasure of the Amazon. Broadcast commercial style photography of an additional 18 fruits against a backdrop of natural elements such as stone and water echo the natural elements of the Brazilian rain forest.

The new brand extension was to have more of a youth appeal. The client also wanted to incorporate models cast from both New York and Los Angeles.

I love shooting table top with the Phantom HD and the prospect of working with an energy drink brand was an exciting prospect. There are some great high speed cameras out there most of them top out at 120fps. We needed something with more speed. The cost effective digital medium affords incredible photographic effects at a fraction of the cost of film production. All of the same film lenses, photographic principles and lighting techniques are applied only the image is striking an electronic image sensor instead of a photochemical film plan saving time and money.