MonaVie “Branding Reel”

In the words of CEO Dallin Larsen, "I want MonaVie to look like an international beverage company on par with Nestle or Pepsi!"...and that's just what we set out to do.

Earning credibility in mainstream media from the likes of Fortune Magazine, The Rachael Ray Show and MTV Cribs; MonaVie, the original acai beverage had positioned itself as a global beverage company competing at the same level as other international beverage corporations.

Shot around the world in 6 countries cameras captured the global presence brand MonVie has established. Brand launch videos were used to promote the longer form project; "Momentum". Combined with testimonials from field leaders and agency style cinematography; over 1,000,000 copies of "MonaVie Momentum" have been sold throughout 22 countries. Online multi language versions have earned 373,000+ Total Organic Views and 390+ Likes.

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