Foru “Wellness Made Personal”

Millions of Americans use DNA test kits every year to research their ancestry, either out of simple curiosity or to find answers about their identity. With DNA testing becoming more and more common, it comes as no surprise that the technology is making personalized nutrition a growing trend in health care.

The challenge; how to simply demonstrate that though our genes are more than 99% identical, no two of us are exactly alike. No two of us have exactly the same abilities or the same needs. And when it comes to nutrition, that less-than 1% genetic difference is the reason no single nutrition, weight-loss plan or skin care regime works for every body… because each of us… is unique.

The media execution imagines a near future destiny of customized nutrution and positions forū International as the first personalized nutrition and skin care company with products exclusively created for individuals based on their own DNA; giving people the power to customize their lives with “Products - and opportunities - as unique as you are.”