CieAura CX2

CieAura CX2 “Define Your Edge...”

CieAura sought a broadcast quality commercial style product launch web video that made a unique first impression and defined the attitude, spirit and vision of their new sports product; CX2. This impression was to appeal to a diverse audience. It had to be cool enough for teens and tweens...and yet still appeal to adults and coaching figures. The viewing experience was to leave the audience wanting to know about the product and drive viewer traffic to the CX2 website for more information about performance enhancing sports products.

Employing a hyper-surreal visual narrative, the CX2 "Define Your Edge" spot builds a story around an ideology of tapping into an inner belief and self empowerment; enabling anyone to go beyond perceived limitations and defining the world that we all work and play in. The blend of mostly observational hand held photography and a redefined world of athleticism and competition would blend seamlessly into an iconic and inspiring narrative, giving CX2 a very unique product video featuring cameos from sports legends Rudy Tomjanovic, Lisa Leslie, Tim Brown and Elvin Hayes.


Debut at Houston Event

Below is a video of an audience of CieAura corporate leaders and distributor's reaction immediately after the premiere screening of CX2 “Define Your Edge...”.

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