ACN “Life Without Boundaries”

After several years of success in the video phone market, ACN launched the all new ACN IRIS V (5000) Video Phone and needed a fresh campaign to introduce the new and improved technology.

A strategy was formed to position the phone as a must-have, fun, family-necessary technology that is a compatible medium and lives in concert with other computer and mobile technologies. The video phone is always online without having to use a computer and replaces existing communication services (phone, Internet, mobile). The Creative Execution decided on a 'Through the Looking Glass' approach, whereby a single continuous shot reveals a series of characters communicating from across the globe. Using motion control photography, the viewer bears witness to key videophone moments in various people's lives in an experience best described as 'the next best thing to being there'...truly "Life Without Boundaries". The characters are seen sharing ideas, doing business, sharing life moments - empowered to interact in ways they never could before - all via the ACN IRIS V Video Phone.

The project also specified a sub campaign of over 13 fifteen second web spots (English/Foreign Languages). These were produced in parallel and were released after the successful reception of the initial Product Launch Commercial.